Soldiers of life

October 19, 2016

Hello bad gentleman and good ladies,

may be you have noticed that i don`t post on here often, this is because i lack inspiration and motivation for writing.
Inspiration comes from my belief that nothing is post worthy, i am too tired of talking about material things that wont stay for longer and have no meaning in life.

Motivation comes from a life long battle with depression that you all know about, its not the first time sharing about it and it wont be the last.

Today i want to share a little information for an amazing organization i found out from the most unexpected person on earth. I was watching Mr.Yotta live on Facebook (also know as Yotta_life on Instagram) who is famous with his wild lifestyle and he had a guest star named Richard Dickinson who was talking about his organisation called "Soldiers of Life" which main goal is to help people in need, his story is quiet inspiring he is a navy seal who lost a lot of soldiers on his missions but managed to recover and reintegrate into society quiet well.

Rich met us with Paul on his periscope and later that they he updates on snapchat that he took Paul to a hotel made sure he had a place to stay for next four days.

"Soldiers of life" is the place i also turn to when i have a bad day because their social accounts are filled with strong powerful messages that you can check for yourself on the following social media, needless to say that a positive word and follow will be much appreciated:

1. Twitter -

2. Facebook

3. Instagram -

4. Youtube -

5. Snapchat - Richarddickins2

6. Periscope -

You can also contact Rich on his e-mail:

*This post is not sponsored by Richard Dickins on Mr.Yotta, i do it because i love the accounts mentioned above.

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