Breaking the silence

February 01, 2017

Hello everyone,

as you might have noticed i have been absent from my pretty much through the whole 2016. There are a few reasons for that :

One of the main reasons for my silence was the lack of inspiration. I really aim to have a honest blog, where i post mostly because i want to share with you about an amazing product, story or something else.
The second reason was lack of time, i don`t know ho or why but i rarely had the time to go on here and post something. It was like i wake up and poof its already 18h. and i`m going/getting back from university.
Another reason for my absence was my depression,which contributed to the lack of inspiration i had to post, on 29.08 i lost my Bunny who was a huge part of my life and hardly recovered from the loss. i know it sounds horrible because that is "just a pet" but it was like a kid in our household.

There are many more reasons why i did not post. But hopefully 2017 will bring more inspiration and reasons to blog.

Currently i am following the new year new me mantra and i am changing a few things on the blog.
First the hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman, i start my blog with dies and hello everyone comes on its place.
I am chaining the main theme which is biker "stuff" and i am looking for another theme, not sure what but i will just try and go with the flow.

That`s all for now.
I hope you will like the changes i am about to make with my blog, and you will follow me down the journey of discovering new things to love in life.


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