Lingerie by Cristina Aielli

September 10, 2015


Courtesy of Cristina Aielli/Instagram
Hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,
today i wanted to tell you about one of the most amazing lingerie designers i have ever seen and her name is Cristina Aielli and she designs masterpieces.
Her underwear is amazing and  i cant`t wait to share some photos with you.There are some things you should know :
This is handmade lingerie which means that the quality overcomes the quantity, its made to measure which is one of the best things for underwear like this because even girls with enormous chest can get their paws on this amazing underwear and it would fit like a glove. Because it`s handmade and made to measure the waiting time will be a bit longer than the usual lingerie sites (I suggest).The only downside with this amazing lingerie is that the store web page is not open yet, it will be open on January 1st,2016 but from next week we will have web page and you can sign for the newsletter and probably the teaseletter (because i feel like this would be astonishing teasing for us,the lingerie addicted) will have a lot more info than i am giving you right now. If you are interested in finding more information you could always send  Cristina Aielli message on facebook she is extremely responsive to messages and the page itself is full of information about the brand. The facebook page is and her istagram is
Here are some of those beautiful models :
Courtesy of Cristina Aielli/Instagram
Courtesy of  Cristina Aielli/Facebook
Courtesy of The lingerie addict/Facebook
Courtesy of Cristina Aielli/Instagram
Courtesy of Cristina Aielli/Instagram

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