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July 20, 2017

Hello everyone,

As you might know, I don`t post on here very often, due to co-living with depression, which drains my energy and inspiration.

I decided to pop up and post a little wish list, for some awesome technology product I wish to review.

The first two products on my wish list are by +HP

  • The first one is the amazing HP Spectre x 360 - I fell in love with this convertible laptop last year - I saw it on a sponsored blog post and I was impressed. I never wanted or felt the need to have a laptop, but seeing this beautiful product made me re-think my stand on laptops.
HP - Spectre x360
Courtesy of
Let`s start with what is on the outside -the laptop has amazing sleep design with black being main color and gold accents, which looks extremely stylish and ultra thin, it will be even appropriate for Mr.Bond. Why? Well here comes the "Bond" part, the laptop could fold up to 360 degrees, and could be used as a tablet, with four modes:

  1. Tablet to write - as someone working in Journalism field being able to fold my laptop and tap away what I need to is pretty amazing. 
  2. Laptop to Multitasking - this mode is pretty self-explicatory, it's for powering through e-mails, blog posts and etc.  
  3. Media to Watch - perfect for movies and video conferences. As a movie lover, this feature will come handy when I start my movie marathons (in the span of two years I managed to watch around 350 movies.)
  4. Tent to Present - suitable for showing photos and presentations, again as someone who loves photography being able to show my photos is important.

 Which makes it extremely versatile,  the new generation has a 4K displayр which is pretty impressive for a laptop that can be turned into a tablet. And the inside is just as impressive as the outside, packed with 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce 940MX (2 GB GDDR5 dedicated, meaning that your graphic card won`t "eat up" your memory) graphics card you are sure to have the best experience while working. The higher standard version has impressive 16GB of ram and 512GB of storage. The ram of this laptop beats even my monster custom built PC, which to me is impressive, but take into consideration that the laptop has a C-type USB port. The laptop is also, praised as the best of the best by many reviewers on the internet. HP was also rewarded by CES for Best of innovation which is something not to look over.
Here are some more pictures of the Spectre in all four modes:
HP - Spectre x360
Courtesy of

HP - Spectre x360

HP - Spectre x360
Courtesy of
HP - Spectre x360
Courtesy of
And some amazingly stylish accessories to go with the stylish Spectre:
Well, I can`t help but love the mouse, its small wireless and as stylish as the laptop.
HP - Spectre x360 Mouse
Courtesy of
The second one is a stylish bag for your computer, which looks extremely professional. It is suitable for people who like carrying their laptop in a stylish bag while looking extra professional.
HP - Spectre x360 Bag
Courtesy of
As someone that love practical things and traveling with technology, I can`t help but love the HP Backpack. Which looks big enough to fit your laptop, a mouse, book and probably all extra cables you accessories you need.
HP - Spectre x360 Backpack
Courtesy of

  • The second product is HP Sprocket - a beautiful pocket sized photo Bluetooth printer
I have always loved photography, but somehow it was always digital. Last summer I was at my grandmother's house I discovered that my great grandfather had photos from the front, physical copies from hell (as I would say), and realized that I am pretty lucky to live in a peaceful country but I don`t have physical photo memories. So I decided that I need to do something about it. When I saw this printer I realized I need one, with a mini size photos printed anywhere in the world, quickly.
Its small format has its positives such as:
You can carry the printer anywhere, long living battery and small sized photos are some of the great features of this printer. The photo paper is not similar to Instax, but it prints the photo right away without doing the red, yellow blue back and forth printing. You wouldn't need toners, which is also a good thing.
A negative is also the small size of the photos, they are 2 x 3-inch or 5 x 7.6 cm, which is smaller than the Instax mini photo film.
And it looks like this:
Hp Sprocket
Courtesy of

Next two products on my list are by +Canon UK

As someone who is planning to start traveling abroad having a  high-quality camera is quite essential so you could be able to catch every beautiful and interesting moment. I travel a lot in my own country - Bulgaria, and some of the things I have captured with my phone are jaw dropping... Imagine how much better it will be to have a better quality camera. And as a long time user of Canon cameras, I can't help but put two of them on my wish list. Canon cameras are incredibly sturdy! I still have my Canon Powershot A470 I bought around 10 years ago and it is holding up pretty nicely! I bought the camera together with Canon Selphy CP740 which also has amazing photo printing qualities, but I don't use it much because I ran out of paper and always forget to buy a new set. The printer does the typical red, yellow then blue printing which means that the photo goes in and out 3 times before it is finished.

The product is a brand new camera from the EOS line, its Canon Eos M6 with 24 mega pixels, tilting touchscreen.  The vintage look is really what makes me love the camera even more. As a blogger  I am always looking for ways to improve the quality of my content, so better quality camera would be a must have. I have had my eyes on EOS M10 for a while now but seeing this really changed my mind, the new camera model has much better qualities than the M10. In this one there is an optional viewfinder attachment, you can attach to the top of it, which previous models did not have (M5). The screen is able to tilt up which allows for a tripod mount, something the EOS M5 lacked but M10 had, the touch screen also tilts to 45 degrees. From my research on M10, I remember that the AF was quite slow, which hopefully is fixed in the new model.
The camera looks like this:
Courtesy of

And the second camera from Canon is also a vintage looking one is the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II, this one I chose because I love taking photos and having a small camera in my bag, while the Eos M6 is more of a professional camera, this one is point and shoot. Just like the EOS M6 Canon PowerShot G7X has a vintage design. Smaller does not mean less powerful, one of my favorite youtube creators +Claire Marshall has this camera and she does the most amazing videos with it! The G7X is considered one of the best vlogging cameras on the market and many vloggers use it to vlog.
Canon G7X Mark II
Courtesy of
The next two products are also photography related but they are by +FUJIFILM UK
The first one is, of course, the Instax mini 90 as I already mentioned I am keen on starting and keeping photography collection of memories that lasts, and the mini 90 is the best instant camera on the market with many amazing features. The camera works with the Fujifilm mini film format.
Just like the Canon cameras what makes me love this camera, even more, is the vintage design.
Fujifilm - instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC
Courtesy of

And the second product by Fujifilm is, of course, their Instax share Sp-2. Why another photo Bluetooth printer someone would ask. And I rush to answer - This printer uses the same photo paper as the Instax cameras, which means that you can print whatever you want and still have the exquisite Polaroid feeling. Also, the printer is extremely stylish just like the HP one.
Fujifilm - Instax SHARE SP-2 wireless printer - Gold - Front Zoom
Courtesy of
And the last product for today is by +Sony Xperia
It is their brand new Xperia XZ Premium. Why exactly this phone, and not an I phone or other?
Well, I had Sony Xperia Arc S which is still in use by my father and was completely in love with it, but I ran out of space for some apps, then I bought Sony Xperia Z which is a pretty sturdy phone. Excluding user error issues, such as downloading a virus which erased my whole phone media, and not having Play Memories available in Bulgaria I have no other issues.
The phone and screen are really idiot proof, the phone had been dropped a million times from different heights without being cracked. Sony discontinued the X line, and in its place put XZ. The XZ Premium has some impressive features such a 19mpx camera with video capability of 2160p which is impressive considering the fact that both Canon cameras have FullHD at 1080p.
Sony - XPERIA XZ Premium 4G LTE with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) - Deepsea Black - Front Zoom
Courtesy of
To be honest I did not do this list to become part of the "blagging" list of bloggers. As you might have noticed from my twitter/youtube feed I have been participating in a lot of giveaways. I don`t have much hope in being contacted by any of the companies mentioned below due to many reasons such as:
  1. The companies mentioned below would like working with bigger bloggers with a bigger audience that would bring more traffic and purchases to the company.
  2. There are much better small scale bloggers than me who deserve to collaborate with the big companies.
Even though it would probably change the course of my blogging career, to have an opportunity to collaborate with companies such as +HP,+Canon UK, +FUJIFILM UK +Sony Xperia as a super small blog I can`t just expect the companies to hand me down their products in exchange for a review. But as people here say - "when faith and love died, hope lived a day longer because hope always dies last", and just in case any of the companies decide to hook me up with a PR sample to review, please contact me at (
And some of you would just say "why don`t you buy the products yourself" - Here in Bulgaria, 8 (Sony Xperia XZ and Fujifilm Instax mini 90) out of the 10 products mentioned below, are not for offered for sale (in store as well), meaning I would have to buy them from another country with no warranty and a steep price for import and products their self (for example a MacBook laptop will be cheaper than the Spectre alone, without import tax of 20% /1$USD is around 1.70~1,80lv/), which is a little impossible since I am a full time student and don`t work.

Well, thats all for now. If this post does well I would do some more interesting technology wish lists since I have a whole board on Pinterest (Products I wish to Review)

*This post is not sponsored and has no affiliate links.

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