Did Zara just ripped off small brands ?

July 21, 2016

Hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,
tonight as i was scrolling through my tumblr feed, i saw and interesting post that caught my eye. It was written and posted by Adam Jk and it showed how Zara "casually" copied a few people`s artwork. Usually i like to stay away from such controversial topics,but since i am somewhat of a Zara supporter i had to step up and say - not cool Zara,not cool.

Here you can find the post by Adam JK Zara stole a ton og my friend - Tuesday basesens
As a content creator i get really mad when things like that go down, in today`s society small brands could hardly survive under the pressure of super brands like Zara and her sister brands and stealing their designe does not help.
It is really nasty (that is a strong word i rarely use but i see fit for the situation) that Zara decided to rip off small designers and their big ideas,they did not only stole from them but they also stole the artwork of hard working artist who deserve to be recognized.Its not enough that probably somewhere on the Internet someone copied and presented someone else`s work as theirs - this is as my university professors teach us is cruel to the originality of those who think hard and work harder each hour of the day to create something new and original. And what for ? So their work could re-created by a big brand ? And after that, what ???
Well, let me tell you what, the creators/artist get discouraged by this injustice and they stop create , and we end up in the excruciating boring world of artless life.

Copyright : Adam Jk

The authors of the original arwork hired a lawyer and the replay was this :
Copyright : Adam Jk
Which is the stencil type of replay they like to send no matter what the problem is.
As in the words of Kat Von D " Just do the right thing and pay the artist" or at least recognize them as the source of the art in recent events Kat had to support a fellow friend in the fight against a brand owner who did something similar (Here is her PDA - It's so much easier to do the right thing.)
As a conclusion i would say that i will distance myself from the brand untill this problem gets solved.
You can find/follow more info on the following links :
1. https://www.facebook.com/adamjklol#_=_
2.http://www.adamjkurtz.com/shop-the-stolen-art/ - you can follow the artist on instagram or twitter through this link.
I will let you decide for yourself weather Zara stole/ripped off the designes.
With love,

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