The real Marilyn Monroe

February 11, 2016

Hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,
i know i have not posted on here for a very long time but I had a post in my mind that is hard to write.
This is the tired time i try to write it down and i still don't think that this will be the one.
It is about Marilyn Monroe. This post wouldn`t give me peace so i thought it will be good idea to finally sit down and get over the expected perfection on just write what i think.
I have been planning to post it since the begging of January, I would think of the words to choose 24/7, i would wake up in 4-5 in the morning and start thinking over all of the biographic movies ever made about her , so today is finally the day i will post it.

  • Marilyn Monroe is an American actress born under the name of Norma Jeane Montersen (Baker) June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. she died in the early morning hours of August 5, 1962 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

How Marilyn Monroe is represented in biographic movies ?

Most of the biographic movies about Marilyn Monroe either start with her being dead,reminiscing or at a childhood.
Her Mother Gladys is usually mentally ill and unable to take care of her and we see the child witness her mother`s hospitalization.
Then we see Norma a bit bigger working the Radioplane Munitions Army factory, we see her meeting with the photographer David Conover and him taking pictures of her for the army.
Then the movie skips a few months/years and we see Norma blond and hungry for fame, we see her at big parties talking to big movie producers. We now see her meeting her first "manager" and the plan shows how Norma Jeane get the name Marilyn Monroe, after this we see Marilyn having sex with executive directors to get a role, we see her drunk and high. not knowing her lines or failing to appear at all. She is desperate for pills and unstable, sometimes we see Marilyn having big mental health problems, and we see her way too attached to her acting couch Natasha Lytess, then we see Marilyn married to Joe DiMaggio and the shooting of the infamous seven year itch scene with her skirt up in the air and Joe watching and being angry with Marilyn, the divorce and Marilyn married to Arthurt Miller we see her miscarrying her child and getting even more depressed and dependent on drugs,after this we see her shooting the prince and the showgirl. Then in front of us pops up a scene in which she finds her husband`s diary/secret notes on a new movie called Misfits and describes his life with her then we see another divorce and finally the Happy birthday stunt and her being desperate and killing herself with a sleeping pills overdose she makes one last call to the Kennedy's.

How Marilyn Monroe should really be represented really ?

Marilyn Monroe was typecasted as the dumb blond, but she was not dumb at all. She was one of the smartest people. Norma Jeane managed to create Marilyn Monroe, she studied for thay character for really long time, and she plays itto this day.Norma's mother was unable to take care of her,but she was paying other people to take care.She read a lot of books and had an increadibly sharp mind. Her troubles with learning lines were simple - Marilyn was suffering with insomnia and it was hard for her, this were the times she would read,or write poetry thing we dont see in the biographic movies of her.
Something else we dont see is her friendship with Milton Greene and how happy she was in New York city, we never see how the studio preasured her to have an abortion and all the troubles she had after that, according to Amy Greene (Milton's wife) durring the time Norma stayed with them she would pretend she is pregnant and she would put on a few pounds so she could make people believe her.
New York city made Norma Jeane really happy, she would play with the children of Milton and Amy and she would be away from hollywood whereshe felt sad. This is the time she decided to creat her own production company, because she was tired of being typecasted as the"dumb bombshell"  (its funny how this stayed with her even after her death) but this made the studio angry an actress was breaking contract and suing them. 
Miss Monroe had the right to sue them because she was one of the highest grossing actresses but her pay check wasnt as big as others . Infact her money were bareley enough to cover her expences.
Another thing is that she was miss treated by almost everyone who worked with her, they simply thought she was not worth their time and that she would not put and effort but this was not true.
In fact miss Monroe was visiting lessons for dancing,singing and acting, on top of that she was having a diet and was working out to keep herself in an extremly good shape.
She was always late for her appointments simply because Norma wanted to representher best played character Marilyn the best way she could. And she did extremly good job.
Her friends would say that she would often put her make up on then she wouldnt like something and she will take it all off. We neversee this development of character in the biographic movies of her, we never see how she was sitting with Mable E.Todd's book the thinking body (which is really hard to read, its written almost in a Shakespears way) and she will learn tips amd tricks - like her wiggle or whispery voice.
Her marriages edned up with a divorce,three times.

Jim Dougherty 

They met when she was 15 and they married when Norma Jeane was 16,she was madly in love with him, Jim would often say that Norma would write him letters daily while he was deployed and he loved her dearly to his last day.While she was on covers of magazines he would be really proud with her.Norma wished for their divorce because he was away and she was dreaming of an actress career.

 When she was married to Joe DiMaggio he had rules : 

  1. he must approve the future movies she stars in 
  2. Miss Monroe should not be semi - dressed 
  3. She should get out of the dumb blonde typecasting (with wich Norma agreed)
  4. Marilyn Monroe should not outshine Joe DiMaggio
Rule number 4 was extremly important to DiMaggion and in the time she would outshine him, he would sleep in another bedroom or even worse beat her up, we never see abything like this in her documantaries. There is a scene his son remembers in which Marilyn and Joe were fighting and she tried to run out of their house but he caught up and grabbed her by her hair and dragged her back in their house. He was extremly jealous and possesive of her.

Arthur Miller

According to rummors Arhtur left Marilyn for another woman.Their marriage was good and it lasted 5 years, he wrote the script of  " The Misfits" about her.

Norma Jeane was extremly sad but generous and with beautiful soul, no one ever talk about the way she used to play with her helper`s child and how even thought she was not rich she would give a few cents to the child.

Her death

There are many speculations about her death but the truth is simple,according to the tv series "Autopsy the last hours of Marilyn Monroe" in the last few weeks of her life her doctors prescribed two type of sleeping pills the first being Chloral Hydrate which affect the short term memory and respiratory system, and the second Nembutal which was fatal.May be her death was an accicdent due to the first type of pills surpessing her short time memory which means she could have forgotten that she took Nembutal and took it a few times in a row which killed her, the last person who talked to her Peter Laufred said that her speech was slow and grogy which means she had already took  Cloral Hydrate.
I dont know if this is true, but i believe in this theory and i believe that we had lost one of the most outstanding angels that ever walked on this planet. She was the kindest,nicest and most generous person.
The woman with biggest smile and saddest eyes.
Courtesy of  Associated Press


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