Who invented Marilyn Monroe ?

March 02, 2016

Hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,
Today I decided to write another Marilyn Monroe post and i finally gathered my thoughts on it.
This time my post is about who invented the character of Marilyn Monroe and who was the Godfather or it`s better  to say Godmother of this name.

Well with a risk of big disappointing a lot of people the person who invented Marilyn Monroe was the same person who portrayed her - Norma Jeane Mortneson.
A lot of people had claimed that the studio she had a contract with had changed her name to Marilyn Monroe.

According to her first husband Jim Dougherty it was Norma Jeane who chose the infamous stage name it comes from withing her family. Marilyn was the name of her grandmother and Monroe was her mother`s maiden name.

Here is the video: Marilyn Monroe's Man (Documentary)

There are also make up companies who claim to have transformed Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe and i will dare to disagree with their statement and there are my reasons for this :

Norma Jeane was the person who chose to go from brown haired gal to blond, and she was the person to chose between 15 shades of blond, its true she went to the best hair stylist in Los Angeles at that time but this doesn't mean anything. (its like your hair colorist calming to have transformed you into someone else). It is true that she used their make up, but she and Whitey were the people applying the make up. Norma Jeane used Max Factor`s products to transform to Marilyn Monroe, but she also used clothes and her brilliant acting skills.

The lower voice was suggested by the studio, i wont deny that fact but at the end of the day, it was Norma Jeane`s personality that made Marilyn Monroe so vibrant.

Norma and Marilyn were two completely different people and a proof of that is that Norma was agoraphobic (she had fear of going out , more info on here : Agoraphobia wikipedia ) which added to the Marilyn lateness to almost everything.

To conclude the one and only person who created Marilyn Monroe was the person who portrayed her - Norma Jeane Mortenson, and no one but her deserves all the credits for that.

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Ed Feingersh


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