The Movie That Changed Me In 2015

January 19, 2016

hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,

first i wanna apologise for not blogging for months now but i have been out of inspiration and i just didn't want another generic post to happen. Besides the absence of inspiration i also was feeling very sad and down and i was busy, basically life happened but now i am back and blogging regularly is in my new year`s resolutions.
The movie that changed me in 2015 was "Do you believe" the plot is about God,Faith and believing in Good.
This is not your typical god is there and god decides what will happen type of movie.
In fact this movie show 12 different lives and people who find faith in God in different ways. I don't want to give out much of the plot since this is an outstanding movie you should go and watch yourself but here is a little trailer :

The cast made an amazing performance that left me speechless.
This movie is one of those that after watching them you start reflecting on your life and thinking what you could change to be a better person.
I highly suggest watching it.

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