How was June for me ?

July 01, 2014

Hello beautiful ladies and bad boys,
   Well June for me was both bad and good. 
At first June started really stressful because i  was waiting for those big exams results to come out and i wasnt that worried with my first exam which is Bulgarian and literature (my mother language) because i knew i could do it but the second exam was whole different story i went with Maths and my teacher was not happy with it and she even said i qoute " You have 80% to fail the exam" which is really inspiring and enouraging knowing that those exams are important for your future. Then i got the results on 6th of June andi can produly say i passed my exams.
 Then there was that stalking creep that i`ve know for more than one year and now i hate (he is the second person in my life that i hate) and he was saying that he will kidnap me and that he wanted kids and i made it very clear that i dont want that i even lied i had a boyfriend to get rid off him and after to days of fighting and threating that he would hurt the only guy i ever loved  i won and he left me and my "boyfriend".
And on Friday the 13th i won a prize, i went on black friday discount shopping and got cute dress from H&M for less ( psst.. there is upcoming post on saving up on money stay tuned) and there was givaway where to write your name on a piece of paper you put it in a jar and if they pull your name out you win 100$gift card so i was one of the 5 lucky winners. 
After this lucky moment my beloved man (who i`m not dating with) just decided to stop talking to me.Which really breaks my heart.
This was June for me.Take care.


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