How to save money ?

July 03, 2014

Hello beautiful ladies and bad boys,
Today i`m taking the time to tell you my little secrets on saving up money. I don`t work so mostly i rely on my parents supporting me and sometimes it can be harsh on the family budget.
     My first advice on saving up is go for sales  i`m constantly sales hunting the i honestly have found amazing deals on high end clothing and make up i almost never buy my stuff full price. I have a limited edition biker pants buy Zara that originally coasted 100$ and i got them for 30$, so sales are the answer to saving up a lot of money.I also buy shampoos, perfumes,books and literally everything i go and get those store magazines that often have all lower prices products and you can stack on things that don`t go bad like alcohol.
    My second advice is that you should compare prices in stores some stores tend to sell thing a little cheaper than others so if you need shampoo,food or anything else you can always go to the cheaper store.
Advice number three is getting loyal client cards (or customer cards) thought those cards you can get a lot points and on sale items cheaper.
    My advice number four is you might wanna start using coupons (but not like the extreme couponers on TV) they come in really handy and take a lot off the price of products depending on the % or offer they offer.
  And my last advice is if you wonder where all of your money go start writing down anything you spend money for, how much it coasted and how much you are left with after the end of the day that way you would always know how much you have and you will never get caught in a shameful situation, plus after a while you will probably realize that you spend a lot of money for things that you don't need and you will stop buying them and it would be a habit to know how much you spent and have left.
That`s all i hope i helped a bit. Write down your ways of saving money.Take care.

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