My vintage look wishlist part one - The Vintage Cosmetics Company

June 27, 2014

Hello beautiful ladies and bad boys,
as you may know i really adore vintage looks (50`s are my favorite) and i decided that i should put out here some products that have the vintage pinch.I have contacted the companies and they allowed me to use their photos and i`m providing links in case anyone is interested in those beautiful products.(This is not a sponsored post)
The first company is The Vintage Cosmetics Company here are the things that i`d die to have.

I adore this design and those flowers, plus this is mini make up bag and would be awesome for my life i don't use a lot of make up and I can put all my needed essentials.
Its perfect for the biker lifestyle due to its compact size.

 This is another beautiful product by the same company the design is similar but its a brush roll which means that you can keep your brushes clean and dirtysafe. This is one great roll and design plus as i sad its good for the biker life.

I cant tell you how much i love that beautiful pink color. those are regular tweezers but they look awesome plus you can carry them in your purse.

Usually i`m not big fan of nail clippers but once again i cant pass this amazing design.Look at those beautiful roses id love to have one of those around the house.

Those scissors also have the same design as the nail clipper but oh my god who doesn't need such a beautifully designed nail scissors?

In conclusion i would say that this is the classic classy look of the 50`s style and i`d love to have such a great set of products at home or on the road. They seem to be in a bearable sizes ( for a long trip with no space for luggage). I can see myself using all of those and probably carrying them in my purse.Take care.

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