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June 24, 2014

Hello beautiful ladies and bad boys ,

lately a lot of things are happenig here in Bulgaria and i don`t feel right posting some of my usual content.There is still a post today but random. 
I got into a giveaway thats awesome the girl who does it is amazing, really nice and down to earth and the big prize is Canon camera that i really wish i could win, winnig this would be amazing for my future blog post because i would start including more bits of my personal life.I will have a great camera that would provide amazing photos, wish me luck guys.
Raffelcopter hates me so the chances are very low but i still reblog the post now and then for a bigger chance.
And as you might have read in a previous post i shared my personal experience with drugs and i want you to know that i`m aboslutely clean the last time i smoke weeds was on 1/09/2013 so there is no reason to consider me as an addicted, i don`t even drink anymore (unless its 0 alcohol or something like cider or 1,8% beer).
I got featured on my favorite photoshop actions site`s pinterest page and i`m so happy about it here is the link http://www.pinterest.com/pin/315533517615854643/
well that`s all for now. Take care

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