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May 13, 2014

My in my previous post i mentioned about sunglasses and helmets i`m mostly wearing the classic ones, that are closed in front and those are the sunglasses i`m rocking the  first ones are the ones i wear the most because they are most comfortable to me,they are not special or pricey because i don`t like paying much for something that i break or loose easy so the most expensive pair is the last one and it costs no more than 15 bucks.
 Those are my favorite pair for a bike ride.I`m not rider myself so i can`t tell how well they would behave but at the back of the bike they are pefrect.

Those are simillar tho the ones above but they are on the trendy side and they are ray ban look -a - like but yeah they are comfortable and that`s all that matters.

Well this is the last pair and i can say that i love them so much you can`t imagine, they look awesome on me and are comfortable. You should always have a pair of sunglasses in case you get on that bike, because trust me, sometimes you have to wear those open helmets and the wind is not so forgiving on your face and eyes.


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