Jewelry and motorcycles

May 08, 2014

So i was thinking about doing a post where i discuss what types of jewelry you can rock on a motorcycle.
You can pretty much wear anything but i will go down a list and show what is okay and what`s not okay and by not okay i don't mean bad or tasteless but suitable and those suggestions are just an example.

- Well i can`t say much about earrings because i`m not wearing any, but when you have the hoops or the others that are showed down in te image you might have troubles when you go and take your helmet off, because those are tight around the head and you know it just might be painful and they might get stuck.   
the picture above shows the wrong type of earrings:
- For the sunglasses i would say you can wear absolutely anything you like but remember if you have the helmet with the windscreen first put the helmet then the glasses other tupes the open one without anything in front you can put the glasses and then the helmet.
Necklaces and scarves
You can pretty much wear any necklace you want but keep in mind that if you go away for a trip (for a few days) you migh wanna keep your favorites home because you might loose them or cause damage of some sort.And the scarfs and bandanas are good as long as they are tucked under your jacket or shirt. 
Rings,watches,bracelets & bangles
Well rings and anything  mentioned above is cool as i already mentioned the only advice i have is that you dont have to bring your favorite things on the road due many reasons, you might loose the or damage them or even someone can steal your jewelry.
I really hope those advices are useful to someone.


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