Motorcycle and sun protection

May 20, 2014

One of the most important things to girls is her skin. Any girl knows sun protection is the most important thing so here are some tips for your skin protection.
What i always do ( it doesnt matter if im supposed to be on a motorcycle or out and about).
First when I wake up I put my base cream which has 20SPF is (Skin Revitalize by Avon Solutions- this gives you instant radiance and it smells good).
Then I go around and do stuff and when i decide the cream has sunken in my skin i put another face cream by Avon Solutions Complete Balance for matte skin, this one has 20SPF too.
And lastly i put some sun protection i use a winter stick (yeah a winter stick no matter what time it is) with a 50SPF which has uv and ub protection.
That`s what i do to keep my skin protected but you can skip the creams and just put the sun cream on and you are good to go, but never go out without the sun cream.
There is sun and wind blowing in your face so you better keep your skin protected from their harm.That`s why i`m using face creams,i hope i helped with my adivces.


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