Heidi Klum x Lidl - #Letswow collaboration issues

September 26, 2017

I was quiet excited when i heard the news of the collaboration between Heidi Klum and Lidl. It`s with Esmara, the inhouse clothing range of Lidl. And i was even happier they would be available here in Bulgaria.

The collection launched on 18/09/2017, but i managed to sneak peak some blogger posts and fell in love with a few products.
This is not a hate post, and the experience i had is down to a single store. I really fell in love with the collection but due to a few reasons i was not able to get much of it. This is my experience, together with photos of products that i liked.
When i went to see/try the items i was surprised that almost everything was gone. The stock was low in the lace dresses. With only one left, and it was only 16h of the first day o launch.
Courtesy of https://www.lidl.com/
Another item that was very low on stock was sweaters. Again with one two of each color variations that were too small to even try them.

Courtesy of https://www.lidl.com
Same happened with jeans. A big issue with Lidl here in Bulgaria, at least. Is the fact that you cant try the items. So you are not sure how it would look on you or how it will fit. A huge drawback, but they were gone fast anyways.

Courtesy https://www.lidl.com/
Another great disappointment was the sizing, for example the beautiful jackets go up to only size 44. Which for someone with broad shoulders and big chest is too small. The circumferences of the shoulder wholes are too small as well, this is a problem i see with other brands, but i was hoping to have a chance at snagging that brown leather jacket.
Courtesy of https://www.lidl.com/
Not everything from the collaboration reached Bulgaria, which is sad because we see really great designs and models.
A positive side was that they had cute tops that actually fit around the chest and were a lose fit. I managed to snag one before they were gone as well, the store i went to was quiet stock on tops.
Courtesy of https://www.lidl.com/
I hope that one day if Heidi revisits or develops more projects with Esmara she would rethink sizing, because just as i said the designs are beautiful.

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