Rimmel London 60 seconds nail polish - Review

March 03, 2015

*NOT SPONSORED* ( but i wish it was)
Hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,
today i want to talk about my most favorite nail polish of all - the 60 seconds nail polish.
This is simply the best product, its easy to apply and the best part is that it dries in a minute. This is really useful for people like me who can never stay still for more than 5 minutes. Even though it dries in a minute i like waiting for 5 minutes so i can be sure that my nails are really dry and i am ready to go. The colors are also beautiful and pretty much the formula is perfect, its not too liquid and its not too dry.
I remember that the first two polishes were Lovely lilac and instyle coral that you can google.Sadly those colors are no more sold which makes me really sad.

The red nail polishes are so great they fit good with my red biker jacket and i love having the option when i feel like wearing red.

The Metal Rush line is really fun because when you flip your nails the color changes and i pretty much entertain myself the whole time this polish is on my nails,besides people are surprised to by the change of the color.

The next two are the Rita Ora ones and i love those two colors they are so nice and fun to wear and they look good with my skin, i am in love with the pinky nude one.

The next three are from their usual collection and are not limited edition the first one is called do you lilac it and i was trying to find a dupe for lovely lilac and this is a litter lighter than the "original" but does the job great. The blue one is still don't know how i feel about t. But let me tell you the nude Caramel Cupcake is to die for literally together with a matte top coat this color turns into couture nail look for less than 10$ which is amazing.

The last one Glitter bomb i got in December with my Kate Mascara as a Christmas gift, usually i am not the one to praise something glittery but let me tell you .. this one is a dream. 
There is nothing much to say besides that this is the best nail polish product sold out there.
Below you can see my little army of colors. And if you are on instagram chances of wearing a Rimmel color in any of my photos where you can see my nails are 90%. Its funny to look at this post and my outfit because i am the person who would go black on black all week long but then you look at my nails and Surprise ! They are pink....it is really awesome.

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