Emptie - Avon Solutions - Mattifying day cream

March 07, 2015

hello beautiful ladies and bad guys,
today i want to talk about another empty by Avon Solutions, this time its the mattifing day cream this is one of the most useful products i have used, i really like matte products and this one was part impulse buy part needed buy. 
I usually am suffering from dry skin and products of this type are not really suitable. But this one does not leave my skin dry it has nice scent to it and the texture is really good. I would recommend it if you have oily skin simply because its working, i have oily eyelids and i put it around my eyes ( i know there are specific creams for that but...) it doesn't irritate the are and my lids are matte all day/night long which a good thing.
A good side of the Solutions program is that all cream products have SPF 15 even though this is a small protection its good to have it since sun is dangerous all year,the cream sinks easy and fast and is not " heavy on the skin". 


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