L`Oreal Paris Extraordinary dry oil - first impression

March 18, 2015

Hello beautiful ladies and bad guys, 
today i wanted to talk about this product called L`Oreal Parish Extraordinary dry oil and i will try to be open and honest at much as i can since there aren't many reviews on this product live right now.
The product is advertised as dry oil and it is exactly that, when i put that product for the first time i tough i did not put enough of it.
On the how use it on the box it says to put 2-3 dots of the oil between the palms of your hands, but to me it works to put this product on my fingers and put it on my face.
The oil sinks in the skin for seconds and doesn't leave your face greasy.
It had amazing effect on me i have really sensitive dry are under my eye (its like sun burn) and after putting this product i noticed it started going away. My skin is smooth and softer and i use only 3 drops of this product. It says you can put it day or/and/ night. I usually put it right before going to bed because the oil has lavender as main note and this scent is know to have calming effect which is true.
It is targeted towards ladies in from 20 to 50 which is cool, there are not many products targeted to the girls in their twenties.
Overall the product is amazing and the only downside it has is that the scent is a little too strong , but hey you get used to it plus it smells nice.
To find out if you have real product or fake (this also goes for perfumes) you should check a code thats on the bottom of the box if the code matches with the one on your bottle {on this product the code in on the back the white area right next to where it says 30ml} then you have a real product the code is unsually on the bottom the the bottle)
Right now you can buy it discounted in Bulgaria from Hit Hypermarkets where it costs 12,99 or Lilly drogerie where it cost 13,29.




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