Fashion Monday nr.12 - The Biker Jacket post

March 23, 2015

Hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,
today i want to talk about my most favorite fashion item - The Biker Jacket. 
Remember always cover yourself well in case there is a crash (god forbid)
I love so much wearing those types of jackets that i am always on the hunt for a new one. I wear the faux "biker" models which means biker jacket without the protectors build in it. There is a big difference between the real and fake (sort of), 
The actual biker jacket is made of real leather and it has built in protectors in the elbow/shoulder/chest/back area, and depending on the protector specification they are soft or a little hard.The real leather allows protection against wind and if there is a crash it protects you from getting bigger worse scars, it is wind resistant but its not fully waterproof. I don't suggest wearing this due to the protectors placements (even though there are model which allow you to take out the protection) and the weight of it on a daily basics but if you feel comfortable you can still rock it.
The faux biker jacket is the everyday fashion item to wear, it is usually faux leather, really light weight, its funny to say it but the faux leather is somehow waterproof. This one has the "real" jacket patterns but it does not allow to attach protectors tho the jacket itself, you can still wear the body protection armors underneath them. 
Since I have a big love for both styles i would show you my jackets and some of the jackets on my wish list :

I already met you with my Zara jacket and for almost a year now it remains my favorite you can check the review here : Zara Jacket

This vest is by New Yorker and i totally adore it i haven't post about it but you will see me in other fashion Monday post wearing it for sure,

This one is special for me since this is the first faux leather biker jacket i got its also by New Yorker and its has the classic look, when its cold outside i put the vest from the photo above and it becomes a whole new jacket which is epic. 

This one is the shortest i own its really on the fashion side since its a little small around my chest area.

I love my jackets so much that i want them on display 24/7. I have stumbled upon a lot of photos of rack style photos in the Internet and i always wanted and still want to get one and i found  this one The rack, i cant wait to have my own apartment and get this at home it would be really cool to hang my jackets,dresses and a few of my favorite t-shirt there in display. The rack looks like this :
Courtesy of
and the cool part besides the style of it is the little drawer on which you can put your shoes.

The jackets on my wish list are a few :
The first one is the epic boda skin jacket and i`ve been wanting one of those for more than a year 
it looks like this :
courtesy of

and you can buy it from their web site here : Boda Skins . This juct is so cool that i might kill to get one of those. I already talked about it in a post here The Liebster Award Nr.8. I can only say nice thing about the design but i cant say much about the jacket itself if i ever get one that would be the happiest day of my life, this jacket is soo perfect that i would frame it and put it  in the Louver for the history of fashion hall, it would probably be next to Marilyn Monroe`s iconic birthday dress (the one she sang happy birthday to Kennedy) this is how epic this jacket is, to be honest i love it so much that if i could i would marry it.

The second jacket is often use in my Polyvore sets this is affordable model from amazon and the link to the store is this : The store and the jacket looks like this :
The third jacket on my wish list is by Vero Moda and when you check it and see it you will understand why i love it here is the link The Jacket. This one i discovered in the past few weeks and i am crushing on it like crazy and if i bet my hands around one of those jackets there sure will be tones of smiles and happy dances. 
And to be honest i would really happy if both Vero Moda and bodaskins one day appear as sponsored posts on here because those two jackets are the life for me. 


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