The things i love in my bedroom

February 12, 2015

I got contacted by this awesome store owner ( and she was relly sweet and asked me as a challnege to post what i love about my bedroom so here it is ? 
Hello beautiful ladies and bad guys,
First of all ,sorry for my absence, but i got really sick.
The things i love in my bedroom, are a lot i love the color of my walls , my bed my pillows and my teddy bears.
 The color of my walls is really nice and calming color, its cherry blossom pink (named by manufacture) but said in other words it looks like strawberry yogurt, it really makes you feel nice and relaxed which really cool, besides that is the point of the bedroom to feel calm and relaxed.
I love relaxing in my room with my phone turned in airplane mode, and only wifi mode on and book and my spotify music.
The other things that i love are my bedding, pink too, its funny because i always wear black and dark colors, but my bedding, nails and walls are in pink. I also love my teddy bears and pillows.
I feel like the most important things that make your bedroom feel like one is the bedding and sheet so those are the most important part of my bedroom.
I love climbing in an unmade bed, even though i do it rarely... Sorry if this blog post looks bad but i am via my phone and things are hard.
And a little more about, they are an awesome company that has been love big my most favorite bloggers andagazines from around the world, and here is my contribtion from this small blog made with tons of love, they are awesome not only because they help the small blogs but they also have a charity program which is one of the best and most useful i have stumbled upon lately. 

Courtsey of Parachute and


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