Sony Xperia Z - Review

February 05, 2015

Hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,
today as promised i am going to talk about my new phone Sony Xperia Z. This phone was manufactured and presented in 2013 but it is really powerful.I love the fact that this phone is waterproof because it is perfect for the time when you are on the road (officially this phone can resist water for 30 minutes in 1 meter depth of water) so you wont have to worry about the phone when you are out there.
The phone also has 16GB memory with 2GB Ram if you are unhappy with the memory amount you can upgrade those 16GB to 64GB.
To me my phone is fast , but i don't have many apps to be honest, the games i played on it go smooth and don`t lag or anything.
 The picture and video quality are amazing and the camera is 13MP which is pretty cool for a phone made in 2013 it has Geo-tagging, touch focus, HDR and it can shoot in any type of light with high quality, the video is full HD and it can also be used in HDR mode,other thing is that it focuses really fast and it is simply amazing.
The screen is shatterproof glass and for someone like me this is good thing, i always drop my phone and i am not careful. The phone supports multi touch and the screen is 5 inches T.F.T.
To me the only bad sides are that the phone heats a lot especially when you use it too much for too long, the battery life is not too long and that you cant remove its back. Besides this i am really happy with this product.
Fast and easy to use , with  great performance and high quality. Here  are some low quality photos of my beautiful baby.
i would suggest this phone to anyone. Who loves dynamic, useful, powerful and easy to use phone.


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