Zara faux leather biker jacket - Review

July 31, 2014


hello beautiful ladies and bad boys,
i know i havent posted in a while but here i am with a brand new post about a favorite item - biker jacket.
I really love wearinh all double breasted biker look jackets and what i love about this one is that its faux leather.I really can`t imagine wearing anything that`s real fur but i must admit that i might have to because real leather protects bikers in different way.
For now i dont need one as long as i`m just behind the biker.Here is one of my most favorite jackets by Zara.
One thing about me and most biker jackets is that we dont mix well, most of them wont fit me at the breast area and this is frustraiting but with this one even size M was a great fit, the jacket has amazing details and its greatly made, the "leather"is soft to touch which is also a pro, I have it since April but recently i saw it as a new collection item in the TRF section of the store. This jacket is really good fit for the bike drives, the faux leather gives you a good wind and water protection. If you ask me i`d say go and by it. Here are detailed photos of the jacket.

The jacket`s front and back



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