Why i dont wear make up ?

July 22, 2014

Hello beautiful ladies and bad boys,
As many of you have seen on my instagram or anywhere else i`m often with not but mascara and lipstick and the reason for that is that foundation is one terrible make up item and  I won`t let it ruin my face, i always buy expensive cosmetics (or high-er end drugstore products). I was not aware how terrible foundation was for me until i got a brush and started cleansing it, then i noticed the muddy water and i was disgusted by what i see just imagine what we put on our face , I used to have a picture of the water where my brush is in, but unfortunately i deleted it, right after i put foundation on, i always clean my brushes after application sometimes i let them soak in water other times (when i have time) i clean them at the moment. I still use foundation but rarely because i don`t wanna keep destroying my face. 

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