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June 18, 2014

hello beautiful ladies and bad boys,
today i wanna take time to sit down and write about something that happened a year ago , usually i don't look back at things but 15.06 is a special day.
A year ago i almost died of drug overdose   and I'm not afraid to say that this is my number one in the list of dumb things i,have ever done.
Well here is a little story by the time i overdosed i was sleeping with that guy who was drug addict and he kind of hooked me on weeds and alcohol so by the time of 15th of June 2013 i was smoking weeds every week then one Day,he had the bright idea that i should start using amphetamine. That didn't work instantly i didn't ate that day so when we met i had weeds and alcohol on my empty stomach and then it was amphetamine's turn instantly i got numb upper and the worst was yet to come.
i was feeling extremely sick and standing up was almost impossible because i would get even sicker (this was not a problem for him so he still had sex with me). Then everything was going full speed in circles and finally after a few hours of suffering i was able to puke and i puke a black liquid , during that all i had nothing to drink but some small amount of coffee, a few hours passed since i took that bad powder and oh god my upper lip was literally blue, so i called a friend she took me at her place and tried to make me feel better and tried making me eat but did`t had any taste or spit in my mouth so the food was totally tasteless. So trust me when i say that drugs are bad i got it the hard way and kids remember alcohol and drugs (especially drugs ) are really bad, take care and be safe.

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