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June 12, 2014

Hello beautiful ladies and bad boys,

Today i wanted to talk a little bit about my passions.Besides my passion for motorcycles i have a passion for beauty,make up , fashion,tea and books.

I adore reading books its amazing, a year or two ago i didn't like books that much (psst i didn't lie them at all) but since i read the Notebook By Nicholas Sparks i fell in love with reading and by now i`ve read more than 16 books (online and on paper) and my goal is to read more i have a lot things that i want to read. Its my way to zone out of daily problems and worries.

Here are 15 of my books (I lent one to my mom)

Drinking tea is another way to relax its just like heaven in a glass. I don't know what else to say i love the taste i love that I feel relaxed and calm.

Make up and clothes are a way to express myself. If i have to be honest most of the time my make up is either a mascara + lip color only lip color or only mascara if i`m in the mood i would add up foundation and eyeliner but that`s happening really rare. I would do my hair too but that's also rare because using heating tools is bad for your hair and i want mine halt for a lifetime. I'm not going for the bio lifestyle but i like to keep it natural.

Fashion is also a way to express and show the world who i am i don`t follow any trends so it`s mostly what i like to wear not what i`m supposed to.
One of my look on lookbook


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