The Liebster Award

February 07, 2014

I am excited to tell you guys that I have been nominated for the Liebster Awards by As you know i`m really thankful for the nomination 
The rules are as follows:
Step 1. Answer each of the questions the tagger has set for you and then create 11 of your own questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer.
Step 2. Select 11 new bloggers to pass the award on to and notify them of the award, but remember girls & guys the bloggers must have less than 200 followers.
The Questions by Marie are:
1. Topshop VS Zara, which one would you choose? - I would go for zara i already have a few things by that brand, one of my top favorite are those pants. (raisin finish)

2.What would be your very best beauty tip to someone who has never worn makeup before? - They should really go for the natural look, mascara + lipstick and foundation is the best thing they can choose.(but please use foundation with brush or beauty blender)
3.What do you love most about blogging? - Mostly i love that i can share with millions of people my personal experience and probably to show them that you can`t do some things
4.If you had to eat healthily for a whole day what would your diet plan be and why? - Actually, i eat a lot of heartily food so i know perfectly what i would eat. I will start in the morning with fruits banana or apple depends on what I'm feeling like eating, then i would drink a lot of water during the day. For lunch i`d go witch chicken and vegetables and for dinner id go for fish for sure mostly because all of those foods are good for our body and brain.
5.If you were told this was your last day on earth what would you wear? I would probably wear red vintage Valentino dress (from 1950s)
6. Comfort of style ? - Both comfort and style, i`m big fan of comfortable clothes and everything that's comfy.
7. What really makes you cringe ? Rude people, and people filled with hate and also people who harm animals.
8.If money were no object what would be the first thing you buy ? I would definitely buy boda skin biker jacket 
9.If you had to pick one item from your makeup bag that makes you most happy what would it be? It would be my Rimmel Mascara 
10.How many pairs of shoes do you have? - I don't have much shoes probably about 5-6 pairs.

11.Do you think the best day of your life is yet to come or do you think it’s already been and gone? - I think that the the best day in my life is about to come and i cant wait to really get to see it.

Questions by me:
  1. What is your most favorite item in your wardrobe ?
  2. The best deal on a piece of clothing you ever got ?
  3. Do you have an addiction for a fashion item? If so what is the item and why ?
  4. How you feel in a dress?
  5. Your Fashion sin ?
  6. Your worst clothing fail ?
  7. Your favorite trend ?
  8. Your dream job ?
  9. Cause you would fight for ?
  10. Favorite hobby?
  11. Favorite TV series ?
My nominees are:

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