The Best Weekend In A While

June 24, 2013

Well this is how my weekend went.I went to see my grandmother in small village far away from the city rush and i can proudly say that im totally relaxed after this. 
I had time to read a book and this little buddy came and slept like this all day ,while she was purring. Such a blessing,i have a new project called "The Biker Princess Diary"its personal diary where i write down every experience i have a biker guy so its going to be exciting at the end of the week/month i would share with you a little personal info so stay close around this blog to see the new stories. The book that Ì`m currently reading is Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks( pss he is my all time favorite writer i have 8 books by him and i have to by more as long as i want all of his books)

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