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July 12, 2016

Hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,
i have not posted for quiet a long time, but depression and life struck and i couldn't find inspiration or time to sit down and write posts on here, as you know i do not feel like expressing and writing some lies on here that i dint believe in. And due to the heavy emotional storm i was lacking inspiration.
This post is not your everyday beauty/fashion post i like to post on here.
 Lately i have been thinking over how we live in today`s society and how much different i am from the established way of life.
 Some might call it gypsy soul other call it free spirit i call it being your own kind of person.
I am not sure how or from where to start but here we go.

  1. One of the most different things i notice in my way of living is that i collect memories and little sentimental things, not expensive items just the little memories that make me smile or cry, in this modern day life when everyone is striving for expensive products it is really hard to explain that and item might have a meaning and not a price tag. But don`t get me wrong if you are the type of person who like to collect expensive items i respect (and even admire) that and i am not trying to bash everyone who is different from me i`m just writing this because i feel different and i feel like posting this.(not that i am a little special snowflake.)I just think that a tissue paper from a day and place i felt happy is more valuable than the latest 1 000 000 million dollar car or jewellery piece.
  2. The second thing that is the most different thing in my way of living even though i collect items with meaning i never clutter myself or home i just can`t stand being surrounded by a billlion of items so i would get rid off a few items each month.
  3. I strongly dislike people who are racist or just negative this is one of those things I just can`t stand, being racist or hating someone based on looks or religion is the worst thing you could do in my company... If you do it i will just leave you with your narrow mind. I know i am also narrow minded and gudjmental in a situation like this but in a world full of hatered and blood spilling we do not need monsters who bring down other people just to feel good (and accepted) this is just out of my mind. I am cool with people who killed and did much more terrible stuff because everyone has their own reasons to do one thing or another but hateful people are not to be part of my life.
  4. I live a hate free life i will not allow myself to have strongly negative emotions such as hate i dont even use this word anymore, and let me tell you i am much happier since then.
  5. I will not judge you unless you are a racist love all the people in this world and everyone has a different story so you dont really get to judge people withouth even knwing them and their story.
  6. I am not following the beauty/fashion standarts and i never will try to follow them, simply because i can`t.Ever since the fitness era started we could never catch up with the standard of beauty. Why ? because the whole beauty and fitness industry needs to put up ipossible standards so you could buy more and more products in a desperate try to be in the norm. We dont need that nobody has a perfect body but with a little work we could achieve amazing souls.
  7. Books are the only thing i collect like crazy and they are probably the most expensive items in my life because i adore reading, i know its terrible for the enviroment but i love reading paper books, and this could never change for me.
  8. I dont need expensive stuff i never felt like needing some of the expensive stuff i see, for example i dont need a 5 star hotel to have an amazing holliday all i need is awesome people around me and i could be in a tent on a rainy day and still be happy. No need to buy all designer clothes, plates,furniture or whatever you wish because to me those items have no value, if i am in a house with the person i love i could only need a bookshelf and bed nothing too fancy. Why? Because when you are happy with the person you love,who feeds your soul you dont need much more than this.I dont need the latest ultra expensive car because there is no point in it a normal 3-4k second hand car could make me feel the same way(if not better) when im with the right person.
There are many more things to add up but i cant remember now, so may be there will be a second part to this post. 
To sum up what i just worte i would start with the fact that i have a free spirit and i love the way i live, because i dont need money,items to be happy i dont try to compete with the rich and beautiful and i lead amazing life.No need to have a five star hotel or a million dollar car because i`m happy with what i have.
I hope you will like this post from me and not accept it as offensive, because i am not trying to bash the other lifestyle or the love for expensive thing.
With all of my love and honesty,

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