Golden Rose velvet matte lipstick in 18,19,20,23

June 30, 2015

Hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,
today i would continue my post about Golden Rose (Click here for the previous post).
the colors i would show you today are three shades of red.

  • Nr.18 is beautiful vibrant shade of red i really love to wear it with just mascara the shade is awesome.
  • Nr.19 is a shade darker than the previous and i wear it more since i have big love for the dark shades,this one i rock with an eyeliner and eye shadows, or just a nude eye look.
  • Nr20  is darker than the previous two but still light and wearable. Which i love a lot about this shade.
  • Nr23is my most favorite of all lip colors that i own by Golden Rose, its beautiful dark wine red color that can be worn with Golden eyes,nude or mascara. I just love the darkness of it. 

In conclusion i would say that for their price (they were really cheap before but the price went up a little) they are amazing quality with nice scent and beautiful matt finish, what surprises me with those lippies is that they are extremely long lasting.


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