Lipstick and lip balm addiction

April 03, 2015

Hello beautiful ladies and bad guys,
today i wanted to prepare you for my upcoming lip care/lipstick posts, that i have prepared for you.
The lipstick that hooked me was a matte one, a LIMITED edition which is a total tragic. Why you would ask ?  - Well i am addicted to the color this is the most charming and beautiful color and its by Catrice and i would give heart and soul to get that lip color again.
Since i got hooked on the Velvet matte lipstick i am getting a lottle overboard with that lifestyle, because matte is not a trand its a lifestyle. Almost all of my lipsticks are Velvet Matte but none are as beautiful as the Catrice one.
So my matte products range from eyeshadows to lips, face products and reaches to the nail laquer and phone case. (even cars)
Because of my matte lip addiction i get to suffer from dessert lips, they are not simply dry they are dessert dry so i need a lot of hydration and care on my lips, this works with tons of lip balms. I hope you will understand my love for lipsticks and lip balms.


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