Fashion Monday Nr15

April 27, 2015

Hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,
it became like a tradition to say i`m sorry for not posting but i am trying my best to fix this but last week my computer broke down and this is the reason why i was not online.

  • Today i wanted to show you the outfit I'm going to wear at university the top is AC/DC high voltage rock n roll and it is in similar color to this one, the pants that i own are by Zara and they are from 2012/13 collection i am a little conflicted on weather wearing the martens or another type of shoes , since my trousers are ankle length (i would be happy if you give me advice how to wear pants like this).
  •  The jacket is the usual suspect by Zara again, and let me tell you something, Zara faux leather jackets are one of the most true to size jackets i ever had the pleasure to try. Due to my large space from shoulder to shoulder (45cm or 17.71inch) and my large breast size wearing jackets becomes daily strugle, usually i wont fit in jackets by Bershka,Pull and Bear, Stradivarius and Mango that are XL in size, while my Zara jacket is L and there is still a little space for when i get bigger so if you are having troubles try Zara if Zara doesnt fit you might try looking up New Yorker this is dutch store line and they have nice cheap dupes of the Zara jackets.
  • The face is nude as usualy, face cream followed by soft matte nude eyes with rimmel lash accelerator mascara and pink-ish lips.
  • The nails are also nude, i really am digging the rimmel london nail polishesh and i can suggest that loose your lingerie is closer to the nails shown in the photo, this is limited edition nail polish Designed by the great Rita Ora,they are affordable(no more than 2-3$) and i am sure you still might get those in the drugstore.
  • Jewelery is by Swarowski but it is not similar to the one below, i really loke how small and beautiful Swarowski cristals are.
  • The hair is in a ponytail simply because my hair has grown extremly long and it is a little hard to maintain.
  • The scent is the amazing Womanity Pur Elles by  Thiery Mugler.
  • The Bag is By Mango and i really like how girly it is.
This is my look for today and i hope you like,
Fashion Monday Nr15

Zara jacket
180 BGN -

Hue stretchy pants
79 BGN -

Dr. Martens leather booties
275 BGN -

Mango purse
35 BGN -

Bing Bang yellow gold chain necklace
155 BGN -

Too Faced Cosmetics eyeshadow
65 BGN -

Lips makeup
8,13 BGN -

Thierry Mugler fragrance
160 BGN -

Curling iron
125 BGN -

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