Catrice 02 Holly Rose Wood lipstick

April 07, 2015

Hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,
today i want to talk to you about the lipstick that started my addiction. This is really beautiful LIMITED EDITION lip color (I'm crying as I'm typing this) and its by the German beauty company called Catrice. This is from their 2012 Fabulous 40 ties collection and oh god this is the dream color i love it so much you wont believe. I feel like i am buying all other lipsticks in a desperate attempt to get a color dupe, but sadly i can`t get anything that is close to this but if you know a similar to this let me know.
This is quiet interesting product and i think it was innovation for 2012, this is a velvet matte lipstick but the formula is so creamy that you can never feel that usual desert on your lips (after applying the matte lipsticks).

Swatch under natural light.


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