Empties - Wins And Fails

February 24, 2015

Hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,
today i want to talk to you about my empties from 2014 i know i might be a litttle too late for this post but still.
I will start with the wins
1. The Avon solutions truly radiant night - this is some magical cream like that i really like, it has some reflective stuff in it but this is the only cream that fixes my pimple scars, and pimples it also has nice smell and in the morning you actually dont have those reflectin glitter like left. I have the full collection of creams and i can make a separate post about them.

2.Nivea sooth milk for dry skin in winter time when here in Bulgaria, the weather is extremly cold i get the dry skin which sucks a lot and this little buddy is my secret to keep my ski na little softer. The smell is typicall or nivea.

3.Essence nail polish remover Okay kids this  smells epic i just loved the way it smelled.

4. Le petit Marseillais - Hair conditioner - this conditioner is a good one, it smells great and leaves the hair soft but sadly i don`t like the package of it , since a lot of product sstays in the tube.

5. Schauma Cotton Fresh shampoo I really loved this product and i actually felt fresh but sadly i think this product is no longer in the Schauma line.

6.Contractubex gel This product u was using for my acne cars but it did not helped so i can say with an open hearth that this was a fail.

7.Nivea Goddbye Cellulite Even though i am a big fan of nivea, i have to admit this was my worst fail in 2014 the gel like cream was with a strong scent and it was hard to soak in to the skin it had a small help to the problem areas , but over all impulse buy since i dont have such a big cellulite problem.


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