Filtergrade Actions Bundle - Review

January 30, 2015

Hello beautiful ladies and bad gentleman,
today my post is a little delayed but i still wanted to write it,as you may already know i am a big fan of Filtergrade Action Store  and here you can read my previous review ( i love this place for a few reasons: 
1. Mike Moloney - the owner of the store is  the nicest sweetest person you could ever meet, he would do giveaways for his fans and at first the rules are something like only one winner and etc. but at the end all of the people who participate get a prize. He is nice with people like me who would bug him for free samples (yes you can ask him for a sample and he will send you a few actions to try) and he is always there to answer your questions.
2.On Christmas i won not only the Action Bundle but also the Cold Press Sets  this is the reason why I'm doing this review and showing you samples.(
3. If you have the money you can splurge on those actions because they are really high quality , the action bundle is a great deal you get 11 action series for just 49$ ( each set has at least 20 actions)
4. When you sing for their Newsletter you absolutely never get spam mail , you get free samples , news about upcoming giveaways and sales or video tutorials on their channel)
5. The customer services is way too god to be true if you ask something the answer comes fast, it probably the longest it took to Filtergrade to return an answer was something like 5-6hrs. which is impressive.
6. The Actions are to die for the most amazing actions i ever stumbled upon if you want to have a cool  sophisticated look on your photos you can have it with them for any occasion selfie or a wedding even for a photo shoot, and the quality is amazing i am using those actions with the camera from my phone and they still turn out amazing ( my old phone was Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S with 8MP camera, you will see my new phone in the next post on Tuesday) 
I have big love for the action bundle because besides the good deal that you get. All actions you  need are at one place and you have the play all option and all of the actions are fully editable.

Due to those reasons I can proudly say i am fitergrade addicted, due to the good hear of Mike i am asking you not to pirate download his work , he really doesn't deserve it if you cant afford an action just go on his e-mail and talk to him he might help or have a giveaway for us the fans but please don`t pirate.
The first photo is the original and the camera is my Sony Xperia Arc S camera

visit the shop here :

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