Six undying beauty classic

November 25, 2014

*Included products in this post are products that i have used and  this is not a sponsored post by any means.*

hello beautiful ladies and bad gentlemen,
today i wanted to talk about 6 of the undying beauty classic you could never go wrong and you can achieve easily on the road.

Nr.1 Full eyelashes


This is really classy and worn by any, celebrity and women ,look each woman has a little secret for fuller and longer eyelashes, but by far the most useful products i have used are :
 1) By Rimmel London Lash Accelerator - this mascara gives you nice long lashes and natural look without the darkness most mascaras offer, although you can buy the jet black version i prefer the more natural black.Not only this mascara gives you beautiful lashes but also stimulates the lash growth which is always good thing.
2) By L`Orel Paris Voluminous Butterfly - This as far as i know is a real good dupe to the benefit`s they are real mascara, this mascara gives a lot of volume and fullness to the eyes and allows a full time drama with really black formula ,which i don`t like in general, its also worth mentioning that it has a great lilac-like scent to it.

Nr 2. Eyeliner

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren was famous for her cat eye look , the outline is soft and famine which is one of the most beautiful  classic looks, easy and fast to do  combined with the full lashes from above this look is a win no matter if you are on the road or the red carpet.
Eye liners are different and work different for everyone but the easiest to work with are with longer brush and tip. The best i have used by far are :
1) Miss Sporty Liquid eyeliner - the handle is really easy to hold plus the plastic brush works wonders when you want to make your liner fuller or thinner plus its easy to work with it close to your lashes.
2) Golden Rose dip liner - This one i a little harder to work with but still awesome.This is a bit better to travel with because its easy to put it in your make up bag.

Nr.3 Red lips

Marilyn Monroe

Red lips are one of the most popular statements a girl/woman can make it doesn't matter if its bright red or dark red its still a classic and when you mix it with the black cat eye and full lashes you get ultimate classic look.
And my most favorite products are by :
1) Rimmel Kate Moss 01 & Matte 107 - Best reds are by Rimmel and Kate Moss those are the undying class and most of the time you could build the color. 
2) Velvet Matte in 18,19,20 & 23 - Those are from light to really dark and are matte and nice.

Nr.4 Beachy Waves hairstyle
Brigitte Bardot

This is one really easy hairstyle to do with pretty much no tools just two braided tails overnight are needed to rock the look on the road and you don`t need much styling.

Nr.5 Full eyebrows

Audrey Hepburn
This look depends on a lot of things, from personal preferences to hair thickness and it can be combined easily with all the styles above, you can achieve this look either naturally or with eyebrow pencil.

Nr.6 Hit the nude 

If you don't feel like putting this much effort in your daily make up routine, you could simply get the nude look Grace Kelly used to rock, this one is easy and effortless.
My favorite product for achieving this look are :
1) Rimmel Kate Moss 03 - one of the best nude lipsticks in the world.

 2) Catrice absolute nude eyeshadow palette
3)Nivea 5 in 1 BB cream (above Vaseline)

The first five tips combined(thats me) : 

Picture sources (i own only the selfie above pictures): 

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