My blog is sponsor free (for now)

June 03, 2014

hello, beautiful ladies and bad guys.
Today i wanted to talk to you about the fact that my blog is not sponsored (yet), so when i make a post about a whishlist or a product or something else it comes from my honest opinion and decision to do it. I would try to keep my posts sponsor free for as long and much as i can because i built that place on honesty and i`d like to keep it that way.
Yes i would love free stuff but i prefer at first to be honest with you and then lastly to get free things.
I don`t want to turn my blog or diary ( into a buissnes because it wont be fair with you and me. I didn`t bought my feelings or tips so there is no point in making money out of them. I dont pay anyone to host them or write there for me so be sure its all from the bottom of my heart.
If i have sponsored post i would let you know in the title that its sposored, otherwise all of the post are sponsor free. No matter if it`s ottd`s or lookbooks or inspiring blogs or whishlist.


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