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April 10, 2014

Pretty much all of the images below are shot with my cell phone (Sonny Ericsson Xperia Arc S) and i love them

This one i shot at home, thats the flower i love the most

This must be one of my most favorite pictures i ever took.

Blossoms, they are the most recent thing from me.

This one is not that bad.

I love every sundown.

And even when the weather is horrible
there are still beautiful skies.

Another sundown.

More flowers.


Just a sky.

And yet another beautiful sky.

This is a Cherry blossom that i shot last year
and i`m still in love with this one.

This is the first picture i took with my cell.


This image is relly special for me this is where me
and the love of my life met.
this one was shot durring the summer before a few
the stunt event
And Another one recent

So this one i love too,
there is something special about it.

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