My love/hate story

February 26, 2014

When people ask me whats the best thing about me i simply reply with "My love for the motorcycles" and when they ask what`s the worst thing i reply "My love for motorcycles".
My love for motorcycles is simple. Its good because being on a motorcycle makes me feel good.Even amaznig its in my blood i guess. When i am on a motorcycle i feel calm,safe and its like i`m untouchable. I love that i can both travel with somebody and be alone with my toughts. I absolutely trust the person who rides the motorbike,its like a law for me. Actually, I spent the summer on a motorcycle and i saw the best views and felt true happiness. I could be alone with him (the biker) and it didn`t cared me for the feeling is amazing, i could hug him or not it was tottally up to me, but oh god i loved it when my man would lean back and just put hand on my leg.I love the biker`s unwritten laws its just something i live with. Plus we have a great style. A biker jacket is essential no matter what and i have strong love for them (the faux fur is the best due many reasons).

My hate for motorcycles is that people judge way too fast. They never give you chance to express yourself and tell them the full story, because bikers for sure are not what they seemd to be. They would never hit a woman its against their laws.And i hate it when its snowing and i cant be on a motorcycle
I always felt like i was missing something, i never knew what it was until i met the first biker, he had honda chopper and seeing this beautiful machine, everything fell back into place i found my missing puzzule piece,now i feel great i dont need anything anymore all i need is to be on a motorcycle traveling around the world.I know its dangerous but its my path not yours, i chose to live this life. Its part of my destiny.I was destined to ride on the back of a motorcycle, i guess.

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