FAQ: How and why i started a few fashion pages?

September 02, 2013

 Q: How did you found out about Polyvore? A: I really have no idea how or from where i heard about Polyvore.It was long time ago i guess someone suggested or told me about this website. Q: Why did you registered?
 A: At first i registerd out of curiosity, then i decided to keep this registration so i can see how my style develops and changes durring the years. 
 Q: How did you found out about Stylesaint? 
A: I got an e-mail and i checked out the community and instantly fell in love. 
Q: Why did you registered? 
A: Because i loved it it was unique idea and i can admit that Saint Alisson the founder of Stylesaint.com is flawless always there to help if a problem occures.This is one of the places i wont part with soon. http://www.stylesaint.com/profile/cathleen_lee_manson
 Q: How did you found out about lookbook? 
A: One of my friends told me about this site and i was interested. 
Q: Why did you registered? 
A: Lookbook is another way to show my personality and meet with another people who would love my style and i would love theirs. http://lookbook.nu/katiemanson 


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