July 26, 2013

i`m sorry i haven`t been really active here in thepast week(month) but at the end of last week my best friend who is in the army stepped on a grenede while on missin. So i got that e-mail that he is in hospital and that they are sorry to tell me the bad news this way, throught an email not in person, but the finally fineshed with good news saying he is alright just a few stitches. But i was really depressed about what happend. 
Now im planning on uploading new post  about my face care routines. And i hope i would talk to you more often here on twitter and all other social networks and style web pages (you can as for advice anytime at cathleen_lee_manson@aol.com, it`s free) and probably soon i would update my http://katie-manson.weebly.com/


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