My week in a few words

June 07, 2013

  My life has been crazy since a year and half. I went through so much and i still have a lot to learn.

This sounds crazy, i know  but it the truth, in the end after every sun comes a storm and after every storm there is a rainbow of happiness.

   I am happy with the love life i lead  and this is enough for me. I met an amazing man who is beyond nice and hansome. He remembers the things i have said and take a good care of me , as i take care of him, he makes me happy and laugh. But there are a few bad habbits like dringing or smoking weeds in the most cases both drinking and smoking.He owns a motor or like he says our motor.
  Lately I feel emotionally good but physically not so good. I am really sleepy and tired, and i really sleep more than usual. Hopefully this is going to last a few more weeks and then it would past.
  During the past two weeks i had to go to school second shift, which means i should start school at 13:30 and end it at 19:10 which almost ate my whole time so i had zero time to post anything.
 I am invited to a stunt competition which will take place in Veliko Tarnvo, Bulgaria.( Its going to be so amazing i cant believe i would be there. Here i should really say one big THANK YOU to Pauly Sherer who was nice enough to offer me place to sleep, and to one of the photograhpers of the event who would drive me there thank you guys.

I also met Crazy Martin who is a really nice guy he would be at the stunt event too. Another extremly nice person is the greatest Jesse Toler who is in guinness world record book. Amazing huh?

I cant wait to go there and make some pictures to share with you .  


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